What Is Crime Coverage?

November 20, 2022

Have you been asking yourself what is crime coverage? Florida Crime Insurance is a first-party and third-party crime coverage, which only covers property and fund theft. Our professionals at HH Insurance, a company with the most affordable homeowners insurance, are here to help answer all your questions about our Florida flood insurance, homeowners insurance Tampa Florida, and, specifically, Florida crime insurance.

What Is Crime Coverage?

Our commercial crime coverage policy protects you from losses due to internal and external acts such as petty thefts, forgery, burglary, extortion, computer fraud, and robbery. Crime happens everywhere, so our professionals highly recommend crime insurance for businesses. First-party coverage protects your business from losses as a result of some type of criminal activity. Third-party coverage protects your business if another company claims that a criminal act was performed by your business causing a direct loss to the company.

Why Crime Coverage Is Necessary For Your Business

Crime coverage is necessary for all businesses, big and small! You can’t monitor a business 100% of the time, so having a crime coverage policy is a necessity. It allows you to cover incidents caused by criminal acts not covered in standard insurance plans, such as Florida flood insurance and homeowners insurance Tampa Florida. In addition, crime coverage covers dishonest acts committed by employees, volunteers, or contractors to help protect your business’s reputation and financial security.

Benefits Of Having Crime Coverage

  • Coverage for alteration or forgery
  • Employee theft coverage
  • Covering a safe burglary or robbery inside the business premises
  • Coverage of theft outside and inside the premises
  • Reimbursement of computer fraud
  • Counterfeit money and money order fraud

HH Insurance | Florida Crime Insurance

Did we help you answer the, what is crime coverage? Our experts at HH Insurance want to help big and small businesses protect their business in a way regular insurance plans can’t. When you sign a Florida crime insurance policy, you are protecting coverage of criminal acts, such as employee theft, burglary, and computer fraud, to name a few. HH Insurance is a highly trusted and knowledgeable company specializing in all things Florida flood insurance and crime insurance while offering the most affordable homeowners insurance! Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our policies.


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