Crime Insurance Can Help Protect Your SW Florida Business

Crime is a serious business threat. Whether you are victimized by internal or external acts of crime, the business owner or manager has to assume the responsibility for money, data, or properties that were stolen. Let us introduce you to commercial crime insurance.

This coverage helps protect you from losses due to internal and external acts such as petty thefts, forgery, burglary, extortion, computer fraud, and robbery.

It is not possible to monitor your business 100% of the time. Crime Liability Insurance enables you to recover from losses caused by criminal acts which are not covered by other insurance plans.

Read on to understand if this commercial crime coverage is right for your business.

What Is Crime Insurance?

Crime is rampant everywhere and is now one of the top reasons why businesses suffer losses. Crime Insurance is a first party and third party crime coverage, which only covers property and fund theft. However, it can also include property and funds entrusted to your care.

This kind of business insurance includes 8 Insurance Service Office (ISO) insuring agreements:

  • Alteration or Forgery
  • Employee Theft
  • Theft of securities and money inside the business premises
  • Safe burglary or robbery inside the business premises
  • Theft outside the premises
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Counterfeit money and Money Order fraud

Crime Insurance is necessary for all business sizes and types. In fact, crime inside the office is almost never a one-time incident. Once an employee develops the habit of stealing, it is very hard to stop it. In addition, an employee committing criminal acts can influence other employees to do the same. You could say, in some way, this coverage is like employee dishonesty insurance!