Marine Liability Insurance Benefits

December 12, 2022

Even though it’s winter, boating doesn’t stop in Florida. With that, ensure you are covered with marine insurance Florida before hitting the water! HH Insurance can’t stress enough how critical boaters insurance Tampa is and how you need to be insured if you own a watercraft. When wondering what kind of marine insurance to purchase, it is critical to take the time to understand the benefits of the policy and know special coverages that can be added to the policy to cover more.

Benefits of Marine Liability Insurance

Marine Insurance covers your watercraft fun, of course, but beyond the cover of the boat, it can cover you personally. For example, if you or a guest operator is found liable for bodily injury or property damage to others, our policy can cover it. Boats, jet skis, and other watercraft are fun to have and use, but most standard Tampa homeowners insurance policies don’t cover these specifics, so it’s crucial to be aware of the benefits surrounding marine liability insurance.

Specialized Coverage For Your Marine Insurance Policy

Along with the basic policy, our professionals offer specialized coverage that can be added to a boaters insurance Tampa FL policy. This can be insurance purchased for items considered special that can benefit a basic policy and add more coverage. HH Insurance offers a variety of specialized coverages listed below that will be beneficial to add to your marine insurance Florida policy from HH Insurance.

  • Towing
  • Wreckage removal
  • Fuel spill liability
  • Personal property carried on board
  • Medical payments for passengers

HH Insurance | Marine Insurance FL

Don’t let boaters insurance Tampa FL sink your fun! Our HH insurance professionals want to ensure you are covered by our Tampa homeowners insurance policy, Florida flood insurance policies, and, most importantly, our boaters insurance Tampa. We guarantee you are in knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional hands. When working with our professionals at HH Insurance, our clients become a part of the HH family, and we want that next client to be you. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about how we can help.



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