Prepping Your Boat For The Season

February 28, 2022

Spring is just around the corner. Whether you are a weekend warrior, or boating is your life, prepping your boat for the season is a crucial step. A well-maintained boat can save you thousands and keep your family safe throughout the boating season. Before ever taking your boat out on the water, have your boat inspected and cleaned by professionals and ensure your marine insurance Florida is up to date in case of an accident.

Have Your Boat Inspected

If your boat has been in storage all winter long, your boat’s fluids may have been compromised. Much like your vehicle, regularly starting your boat can help the fluids from becoming stale and releasing gunk in your boat’s tank. On average fuel has a shelf life of two to three months in a fuel tank, meaning you may need to flush your remaining fuel prior to starting your boat. Other aspects of your boat’s engine can also have become rusted or damaged during the storing process. For those with newer boats, having your electrical components can help keep you from getting lost or potentially ending up in dangerously shallow water. If you are looking for a respected marine maintenance team reach out to your marine insurance Tampa agent for a recommendation.

Have Your Boat Cleaned

A clean boat is a safe boat. If you regularly take your boat out in saltwater, keeping your boat clean can help it from suffering from premature rust. Having your boat cleaned by a marine insurance Tampa recommended vendor or cleaning it yourself can help protect the exposed metal from the elements. Once your boat has been cleaned, having it waxed can further help protect your boat from the ocean water. Wax can also protect your boat from the harsh UV rays of the sun keeping your boat looking new longer.

HH Insurance | Marine Insurance Tampa

HH Insurance is a marine insurance Florida company that is dedicated to making sure your family, boat, and other marine vehicles are protected. Whether being on the water is your life or just a hobby, we have the right coverage to keep you and your loved ones safe all year long. To learn more about our services, please visit our website



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