Avert Disaster with Rental Property Insurance in SW Florida

When you own a home and rent it out, you want to make sure you help protect that investment against incidents like accidents, natural disasters, or theft which can leave you vulnerable to paying large sums of money if you aren’t properly covered. This is why you’ll seek rental property insurance for your properties.

HH Insurance understands the value you place on your home and offers a product specifically designed for landlords to help protect their assets.

Known as dwelling fire policies, these are landlord insurance policies that cover single-family or duplex homes that are rented and not vacant.

A dwelling fire (DP3) policy provides coverage that you can count on, and covers the following:

Loss of Rents

Loss of rents coverage provides a landlord with continuous rental income if their existing rental property must be evacuated due to repair work after a covered peril such as a fire or wind storm.

If the property is uninhabitable and renters are forced to live elsewhere, loss of rents coverage can help the owner avoid losing income from rental payments they would have otherwise received. This allows the focus to remain on repairing the property and not on financial hardship.

Personal liability and medical payments to others are valuable additions to your rental property insurance policy portfolio.

If a tenant brings a lawsuit against you as the result of an accident on the property, this type of coverage with well worth the landlord insurance cost. How so? It can provide the money you will need to cover medical costs, as well as providing legal.

Remember, as a landlord you are responsible for what happens on your property and can be held financially accountable if not properly insured. So, contact us, today, to learn about rent insurance and our policies.



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