Boating Accidents: Are You Prepared?

April 2, 2022

Accidents happen, it’s a certainty of life. However, some accidents are generally never thought about. Boating accidents for instance aren’t regularly seen as a common occurrence. Yet, boating accidents actually have become more frequent. In fact, in 2020 the United States saw a 25% increase in boating-related disasters. Ensuring your family is safe in the instance that an accident occurs to you requires a comprehensive Marine Insurance Florida designed specifically for you.

Boating Collisions

Collisions on the water can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common is driver error. Whether it is a few feet from shore or hundreds of miles out at sea, a collision generally occurs due to an avoidable mistake. This can stem from common issues from lack of experience in the boating world, general disregard for the safety of fellow boaters, and much more. Another major reason for boating accidents is equipment failure. If your boat isn’t maintained correctly, systems within your vessel can fail to cause you to crash into other boats. Prior to launching your boat, make sure you are up to date on what is covered by your Tampa boaters insurance plan.

Boating Accidents

Accidents much like collisions tend to stem from user error. These accidents can occur from the driver’s inability to spot dangers ahead such as shallow water, rocks, and stray wood. It can also stem from improper training on boating rules and regulations within a marina or dock. However, again much like in collisions, faulty equipment can be to blame. An improperly working depth finder or radar can inhibit the driver from noticing dangers ahead. Having marine insurance Florida can keep you from footing the bill should the unexpected happen.

HH Insurance | Marine Insurance Florida

Whether you’re a boat person or a personal watercraft person, there is no other feeling like being out on the water. Make sure you’re covered with the perfect Tampa boaters insurance plan for you. At HH Insurance we use our countless years of experience in marine insurance to help you connect you to a plan that fits your needs. To learn more click over to our website today!



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