Boaters Insurance Versus PWC Insurance

March 24, 2022

If you’re new to the world of aquatic sports, you may have questions when it comes to insurance. Much like regular vehicle insurance, it can be tricky to choose the right coverage and plan for your situation. However, when it comes to water sports, there is an often-overlooked question. Should I be looking at boaters insurance Tampa FL or personal watercraft insurance? Understanding the difference can help ensure that you get the right coverage for yourself before you ever hit the water.

Boaters Insurance

Boaters insurance is crucial for those who live for being out on the water. In general boaters insurance Tampa FL covers a wide variety of aquatic vehicles including speed boats, pontoons, sailboats, and at times even jet skis. These coverages can help protect you from the costly repairs of common issues such as physical damage to the boat and its various parts. It can also cover external items such as the boat’s trailer. Lastly, boaters insurance covers damages to others properties that you may be liable for. If you are looking for comprehensive insurance for your time on the water then boaters insurance is the way to go.

PWC Insurance

Personal watercraft insurance, PWC for short, offers a variety of coverages for your aquatic vehicle. Much like boaters insurance, PWC insurance is designed to protect you and your loved ones from unexpected costs associated with your watercraft. This can include damage to your vehicle as well as any potential vandalism it may have suffered. Also like boaters insurance, PWC insurance covers damages that you may be liable for. However, unlike boaters insurance, this type of marine insurance Tampa Florida, is strictly for inboard engine crafts. These crafts include popular options such as jet skis, Sea-Doos, and other single or dual rider watercraft.

HH Insurance | Marine Insurance Tampa Florida

Whether you’re a boat person or a personal watercraft person, there is no other feeling like being out on the water. Make sure you’re covered with the perfect boaters insurance Tampa FL plan for you. At HH Insurance we use our countless years of experience in marine insurance to help you connect you to a plan that fits your needs. To learn more click over to our website today!



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