Add-ons for your Marine Insurance Florida

May 15, 2022

While getting marine insurance Florida for your boat is a fantastic first step, depending on how you intend to use the vehicle, there are many add-ons that may be worth your while. However, you may not even be aware that these options exist for your marine insurance Florida plan without proper research. As you gear up to purchase your new marine insurance Tampa plan, here are some additional things to consider to make sure that your plan is tailor-made right for you!

Towing Coverage

A towing add-on will help you cover any costs in the case of an emergency tow. Boating can be dangerous and can result in lost parts, running aground, running out of fuel, or accidents that result in immediate labor being needed. Without towing marine insurance Tampa, you will have to pay out of pocket for any costs incurred. With towing insurance, your boat can have those emergency deliveries and tows covered meaning you can enjoy your time on your boat without worry!

Fuel Spill Liability Coverage

In the event of a boating accident, it is likely that your boat will leak oil or fuel into whatever body of water you venture out on. This can be extremely damaging to the local environment and requires immediate clean-up. This process is costly but, luckily, fuel spill liability coverage ensures that you don’t pay those prices yourself. However, it is best to check with your marine insurance Florida provider on how much your plan will actually cover.

Medical Coverage

As mentioned earlier, boating is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury if not done carefully. Collisions with other boats can leave you or your passengers hospitalized or worse. In addition, if you partake in water sports such as water skiing, you are at risk for injury as well. These would have to be covered solely by your medical insurance unless you purchase medical coverage with your marine policy. This add-on covers any injuries that occur from a boating accident and can make your adventures on the water stress-free.

Marine Insurance Florida | HH Insurance

Whether you’re an avid boater or only take your vessel out a few times a year, boating accidents are costly. Creating a personalized marine insurance Florida plan with add-ons such as these can help you avoid paying large sums in the event of an incident. To learn more about marine insurance Florida add-ons, visit the HH Insurance website today!


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