What is Marine Insurance

September 4, 2022

Many people are familiar with home, auto, and health insurance, but fewer are familiar with marine insurance. Marine insurance is a type of insurance that helps protect boat owners and jet ski owners in the event of an accident or theft. Ensuring that you’re covered with comprehensive boat insurance Florida can let you rest assured that your investment is safe while out on the sea or parked at the dock.

What is Marine Insurance?

Marine insurance is a type of insurance that helps protect boaters and PWC fanatics alike. A comprehensive marine insurance policy can help pay for damages to your boat or jet ski, as well as for any medical expensesthat you may incur as a result of an accident while out on the water. Boat insurance in Florida can also help you replace your boat in the unfortunate case of theft.

Why Do I Need Marine Insurance?

If you own a boat or jet ski, chances are you’ve invested a lot of money in it. Whether you use it for recreation or for business, your boat or jet ski is a valuable asset. If something were to happen to it, the cost to repair or replace it could be unimaginable. With boat insurance in Florida, you can help protect yourself financially in the event that your boat or jet ski suffers an unexpected issue.

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?

Marine insurance typically covers damage to your boat or jet ski caused by accidents, fire, theft, or vandalism. It can also cover any expenses from natural occurrences such as hurricane damage. Comprehensive boat insurance Florida policies also provide coverage for towing and salvage services in the case your vessel is beyond use.

How Much Does Marine Insurance Cost?

The cost of marine insurance varies depending on the value of your boat or jet ski, as well as the level of coverage you choose. In some cases, you may be able to get a discount on your boat insurance Florida premium if you take steps to insure your boat or jet ski against damage, such as by installing alarms or tracking devices.

HH Insurance | Boat Insurance in Florida

If you own a boat or jet ski, having a dedicated marine insurance policy can help protect you financially in the instance of unforeseen scenarios such as theft and an accident. Having a boat insurance Florida specialist can help prepare you for the worst and keep you enjoying the freedom of being out on the water. At HH Insurance, our team of insurance professionals uses their combined decades of experience to match you with the right plan for your boat or PWC. To learn more about our services or to get started on your path to a protected boat visit our website.



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