Things You May Not Know Are Covered

January 25, 2022

Living in Florida, we know the predictable is unpredictable. Having homeowners insurance Tampa Florida can help protect you from the unforeseen. However, while we know that Tampa homeowners insurance covers damages to the home from things such as fires, it can also include some additional coverages you may not have been aware of. Some homeowners insurance offers coverage for damages resulting from wild animals, power outages, and debris.

Wild Animals

Bobcats, snakes, and alligators are just a few of the wild animals that call our area home. These animals along with other wildlife in our area can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. While taking preventative measures such as fences and mothballs can deter these damages from these animals, damage can still occur. However, having homeowners insurance Tampa Florida, can help you pay those damages should they occur.

Power Outages

A power outage can be an annoying occurrence. Whether it went out for seemingly no reason or due to a big storm, losing power can cause some serious problems. If you experience a power outage for a period of days, food in the refrigerator can spoil causing hundreds of dollars worth of groceries to become inedible. With the right Tampa homeowners insurance coverage, a claim stemming from a power outage may be covered.


Your home can be subject to damage from fallen debris any time of the year. Natural occurrences such as a tree that has fallen over due to a storm can cause thousands worth of damage to your home. With the space coast only two hours away, and an international airport in the area, damage from fallen space debris may be a possibility. With the right homeowners insurance Tampa Florida your home may be covered from the truly unexpected.

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