The Ultimate Windstorm Exclusion Guide

February 28, 2023

Windstorms can cause significant property damage, resulting in high repair or replacement costs. Due to frequent hurricanes, Florida is at particularly high risk for potential windstorm damage to property. It’s important to note that some coverage may have windstorm exclusion policies, which means that the policy will not cover windstorm damage to property. HH Insurance has outlined the key information property owners need regarding their coverage and exclusion policies.

What is Windstorm Exclusion?

A windstorm exclusion is a clause in an insurance policy that specifies the policy will not cover damage from windstorms. This means that if a windstorm damages your property, you cannot file a claim for the resulting damage. The exclusion may be specific to certain types of windstorms, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, or it may apply to all windstorms.

How Prevalent Are Windstorm Exclusions?

Windstorm exclusions are more common in areas prone to windstorm damage, such as coastal regions or areas with high wind speeds. Insurance companies may exclude windstorm damage from their policies in these areas because the risk is higher, and they want to avoid paying out large claims.

What Happens if a Policy Excludes Windstorm Damage?

If a policy has a windstorm exclusion, property owners may want to consider purchasing additional coverage to protect against windstorm damage. This may involve purchasing a separate windstorm policy or adding a windstorm endorsement to an existing policy.

Consider Wind Mitigation Credits

Another preventative measure our HH Insurance associates recommend is applying for wind mitigation credits. Property owners can make specific additions and renovations to their homes or property to reduce the extent of windstorm damage. After a thorough inspection, insurance companies will determine if the property owner qualifies for credits to their existing policy.

Windstorm Exclusion | HH Insurance

Overall, a windstorm exclusion can pose a significant risk for property owners, particularly in areas prone to windstorm damage. By understanding the exclusions in their insurance policies and taking steps to secure additional coverage, property owners can protect their property and financial well-being in the event of inclement weather. Reach out to our hurricane and boat insurance experts at HH Insurance for more information.



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