Keep Your Home Safe This Fall with Crime Insurance

August 15, 2021

Crime is on the rise everywhere, and it’s time that you stepped up your safety precautions for your business. Keeping your business insured from criminal attacks is key to protecting your business and belongings. Continue reading to learn more about how Tampa homeowners insurance company goes above and beyond home insurance to keep your business safe.

What is Crime Insurance?

Crime insurance is a first party and third party crime coverage, which only covers property and fund theft. However, it can include property and funds entrusted to your care. There are eight Insurance Service Office insuring agreements included in this kind of business insurance:

  • Alteration or Forgery
  • Employee Theft
  • Theft of securities and money inside the business premises
  • Safe burglary or robbery inside the business premises
  • Theft outside the premises
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Counterfeit money and Money Order fraud

Why Do I Need Crime Insurance?

Crime inside the office is almost never a one-time incident. Protecting your business from everyone, including your employees, is the best move for your business. This Crime Liability Insurance enables you to recover from losses caused by criminal acts.

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