Ensuring your family and estate are covered in the event of your death is important. Don’t wait, talk with us about types of life insurance today. Continue, below, to learn about what we offer.


At HH Insurance, our agents understand this can mean something as simple as term life coverage or a more comprehensive financial planning program. A consultation with your agent can help you identify needs, determine coverage amounts and choose the best financial vehicles.

On the personal side, options include term life, whole life, universal life, retirement plans, coverage for long-term care and disability income protection. If you own or operate a business, our agents can also help you tailor continuity plans, create coverage for key personnel and more.

When developed with an agent who understands your insurance portfolio and your family and business assets, these types of life insurance options and financial planning tools add peace of mind and ensure financial protection for you, your heirs and your business.

Life Insurance Policies for You and Your Family

Are you looking for a great life insurance policy for yourself? Do you want to ensure your family is covered? Here is what you should know about what we cover:

  • Term whole or universal life insurance
  • Quality retirement plans
  • Disability income protection
  • Long-term care insurance

Life Insurance Options for Your Business Needs

The best life insurance companies offer great coverage. Us? We offer more than that — we offer peace of mind. We have a combined 200+ years of experience in this industry, we’d be happy to have you part of our growing family.

Talk with our specialists and explore the best life insurance policy offered in SW Florida, including:

  • Continuity plans
  • Key person coverage
  • Business life insurance
  • Executive compensation
  • Personal Term Life Insurance