Foremost Commercial Umbrella Insurance in SW Florida

Businesses often purchase liability protection above and beyond their primary automobile, general liability, professional liability or workers’ compensation policies. In some cases, these umbrella policies also are used to cover exclusions in primary policies. Any business or organization interested in extending their current liability coverage and gap protection may wish to inquire about a business Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance policy.

An Umbrella policy for businesses is designed for those areas you may not be considering. This includes a Personal Liability Umbrella policy designed to provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage.

Whether you’re in need of small-business Umbrella Insurance or a policy for your medium or a large business, an Umbrella Insurance policy is designed to help keep your business up and running.

Considering the umbrella insurance costs, this is like a safety net for unexpected liability costs. Especially compared to the financial setback that could happen if you weren’t insured!

At HH Insurance, our advisors work with clients to assess these additional areas of need allowing you to determine appropriate coverage levels. We believe we can deliver an umbrella insurance policy that matches your needs.