Florida Holiday Home Safety Guide

November 17, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, it’s also a time when homes are more susceptible to accidents and risks. As an experienced insurance agent in sunny Florida, specializing in home insurance, I’ve witnessed various holiday-related claims. To help you navigate this festive season without any unexpected surprises, here are five essential steps to ensure your home stays safe and secure during the holidays.

  1. Secure Your Home Against Burglaries: The holiday season often sees a spike in burglaries as people travel or leave their homes unattended for holiday festivities. Ensure your home is secure by investing in a reliable home security system. This could include security cameras, motion sensors, and smart locks. If you’re leaving town, inform a trusted neighbor about your plans and ask them to keep an eye on your property. Additionally, refrain from posting your travel plans on social media to avoid broadcasting an empty home.
  2. Check and Maintain Electrical Systems: In the excitement of decorating for the holidays, it’s easy to overload electrical outlets or use faulty decorations, leading to potential fire hazards. Before decking the halls, inspect your holiday lights, extension cords, and decorations for any signs of wear and tear. Avoid overloading outlets and make sure to turn off holiday lights before going to bed or leaving the house. If you’re unsure about the safety of your electrical systems, consider consulting with a qualified electrician to perform a thorough inspection.
  3. Invest in Liability Coverage for Holiday Gatherings: As you prepare to host family and friends for festive celebrations, it’s crucial to consider liability coverage. Accidents can happen, and you want to ensure you’re protected in case someone is injured on your property during a holiday gathering. Contact your insurance provider to discuss the extent of your liability coverage and whether it’s sufficient for hosting events. This step adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, especially when welcoming guests into your Florida home during the holiday season.
  4. Take Precautions Against Fire Hazards: Holiday decorations, candles, and festive lighting can pose fire risks if not used carefully. Keep flammable items away from heat sources, and never leave candles or cooking appliances unattended. Opt for flameless candles to create a cozy atmosphere without the risk of an open flame. Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning correctly and have fresh batteries. If you have a fireplace, schedule a professional inspection to ensure it’s safe for use during the holiday season.
  5. Be Mindful of Outdoor Hazards: Florida’s unique climate can present its own set of challenges during the holiday season. If you’re planning outdoor activities, consider the weather conditions and potential hazards. Secure outdoor decorations to withstand gusty winds and sudden rain showers. If you have a pool, ensure that it is properly secured to prevent accidents, especially if children are present. Additionally, be cautious when using outdoor heating sources, such as fire pits, and follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

By taking these proactive measures, you can enjoy a safe and worry-free holiday season in the Sunshine State. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in safeguarding your home and loved ones. From securing your home against burglaries to being mindful of potential fire hazards, these steps will help ensure a festive and secure holiday celebration for you and your family. For more personalized advice on home insurance in Florida, feel free to reach out to our expert team.


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