Your Home Is Nothing to Gamble With: The Consequences of Flood Damage

August 5, 2019

Did you realize there are over 5 million active flood insurance policies in the United States? For most homeowners, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is something they are quite familiar with. Ignoring the need for this type of insurance can lead to a variety of problems over time.

The key to finding a quality policy to help in the event of extensive flood damage is working with a reputable insurance company. Going in and meeting with a few different insurance providers is essential. During these consultations, you can find out more about the flood insurance policies a company has to offer and what they will cost.

Without this type of insurance, you run the risk of your home being ruined. Here are some of the consequences of flood damage.

Foundation Cracks Caused by Flood Damage

Some homeowners fail to realize that the flooding in their home may not immediately be visible. If the flood in question is slow-moving and hidden in the basement or under the foundation, it may take a while before you notice issues. One of the most common problems you will face as a result of a flood around the foundation is cracking.

If the clay or soil around your home starts to absorb water, it is only a matter of time before it causes the foundation to shift. When this shift occurs, it may lead to the exterior walls of a home cracking. In some instances, this flooding will be so bad that it will float the foundation.

When this happens, the structural integrity of the home is compromised. Instead of trying to fix these issues alone, having an insurance policy in place is crucial. With this policy, you can get the money you need to fix this problem quickly and correctly.

Issues With Jammed Doors and Windows

The foundation is perhaps the most important part of your home. Without a stable foundation, lots of problems will start to occur. Not only will flooding lead the cracks in the foundation, but it can also cause damage to elements inside of your home as well. If your foundation shifts as a result of flooding, then it may lead to your doors and windows being affected.

Often times, the doors and windows affected by foundational flooding issues will be unusable. This is because the frames that hold these parts of the home in place will be shifted. If you are unable to open the doors or windows in your home, taking action is essential.

The only way to address this problem is by getting your flooding issues fixed. Once these repairs are made, professionals can either readjust or replace the damaged frames. If you have an adequate insurance policy, you can avoid paying for these repairs out of pocket.

Flood Damage Can Destroy Your Drywall

A home’s interior is comprised of a number of different parts. Each of these parts is integral to the overall functionality and appeal a residence has. One of the most used materials in the home is drywall.

Most construction professionals and homeowners use this material due to how versatile and cheap it is. While drywall is a great tool to use, it does not react well with water. When exposed to water, the drywall in your home will begin to warp and fall apart.

Not only will flooding damage the drywall, but it will also do a number on the insulation behind the walls. Allowing this wet insulation to stay in place will lead to the development of mold and mildew. When confronted with flooding issues, having an insurance policy can help you pick up the pieces of your damaged home and move forward.

Damage to Your Floors and Furniture

Most homeowners take great pride in decorating their residence. A large part of this decorative process is getting the right furniture and flooring in place. All of the money and time you invest in decorating your home will be for nothing if there is not a flood insurance policy in place.

If water is allowed to get into a home’s flooring, it will lead to buckling and deterioration. Hardwood flooring will need to be replaced completely if it is soaked with water.

Wooden furniture may also get irreparably damaged in the event of a flood. Trying to replace all of these damaged items will be extremely costly. Reducing the amount of money you have to pay during one of these events is only possible with a good insurance policy.

Mold Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Getting floodwaters out of your home quickly should be the main concern. The longer this water is allowed to remain in your residence, the harder it will be to avoid serious mold issues.

Wet and humid environments are usually a breeding ground for hazardous mold. Getting this mold out of your home once it has formed can be difficult. Usually, hiring professionals to find and address the source of this mold is imperative.

Ignoring the need for this professional mold remediation help can lead to you and your family being put in great danger. With a check from your insurance company, getting this professional help will be much easier. A reputable insurance company will be able to cut you a check quickly, which means you can begin the repair process immediately.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Some homeowners think that flood damage is something that only happens to other people. Instead of waiting to get a flood insurance policy, you need to take action immediately.

Are you looking for help during the flood insurance policy selection process? If so, contact us now to find out about the policies we offer.


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