Boating Tips for a Safe Summer

June 6, 2022

Whether you have boaters insurance Florida or not, boating safety is paramount, any missteps can result in injuries, payments, and even worse. While boaters insurance Florida can help you avoid enormous payouts, there are some tips that you should follow when you go out on the water to help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Much like when you’re driving a car, drinking can greatly inhibit your ability to properly captain your boat. Surprisingly, many people disregard this fact and don’t hesitate to crack open a cold one as they navigate the open waters. However, this is to their own demise. Around 33% of boating-related fatalities are caused by drinking. Boating collisions are extremely deadly and, regardless of marine insurance Florida coverage, can be very costly. Additionally, drinking and driving your boat can get you into serious legal trouble, too. This summer, as you get out on the water, make sure you do so responsibly. The first step is to make sure that whoever finds themselves behind the wheel is sober.

Wear a Life Jacket

While wearing life jackets be clunky and uncomfortable, it’s one of the most useful tools for ensuring passenger safety. Many states don’t require they be worn at all times but make sure to keep them nearby for emergencies. In fact, the Coast Guard states that a vast majority of boating fatalities could have been avoided if they had been wearing their life jackets.

Be Aware of your Motor

Having boaters insurance Florida for your motor can be a great way to protect it, but, regardless of your boaters insurance Florida coverage, being aware of your motor at all times is vital. Getting stuck in sand or mud due to shallow water, injuries, and more can cause you serious pain and money.

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