3 Tips to Prevent A Homeowners Insurance Tampa FL Claim

November 10, 2021

With the holidays fast approaching, spending time with family and friends should be a stress-free occasion. You should not have to worry about homeowners insurance Tampa FL claims or any property damage. HH Insurance is here to help you identify what are the most common holiday hazards to avoid any headaches during the holiday season.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the go-to staples during the holiday season. With so many of us setting up decorations and lights, it’s easy to overlook possible safety hazards. Checking all of your lights to make sure there aren’t any exposed wiring issues can save you from possible fire or another electrical-related disaster. With Christmas lights often being stored in an attic or other place they are not regularly looked after, it is easy for the wiring to develop issues. By preemptively checking prior to setting up decorations, you can avoid any possible electrical issues during the holiday season.

Outlet Saftey

When setting up your home decorations for the holidays, it’s easy to get carried away and start plugging in lighting or other decorations in every possible outlet. What you may not realize is this can overload the electrical system in your house and cause fires or other issues. To prevent any accidents from occurring and make a homeowners insurance Tampa FL claim, there are a few key steps you can take.

Spacing your electrical decorations out between different outlets can decrease the amount of electrical load on each of the outlets. Additionally, you can add outlet timers that will automatically turn off and on your decorations at the desired time. Using these practices in conjunction with each other can drastically reduce the power consumption your decorations will take on your outlets.

Cable Management

When setting up your Christmas tree and other decorations, it’s easy to overlook your cable management. Ensuring your cables are properly tucked away or tied down can prevent your friends and family from tripping over any cables. Loose cables can also be a safety hazard due to unintentional wear. Loose cables can rub or wear easily and become frayed at the edges leading to a possible electrical fire. By tidying up your cables you reduce your risk of an electrical fire and safety hazard for your guests.

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